Windy Fox Farm

  "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing"- Walt Disney 

 Horse Training

Full Time Horse Training


2 week Bootcamp

$400 for 14 days

Training Deposit

$100 to book your spot

Kendall has spent most of her life riding hunters and jumpers and has developed a program that produces competitive athletes. She has extensive experience with off the track thoroughbreds, as well as your traditional Warmblood. Kendall specializes in the english disciplines, but has training in everything from breaking horses to hunter/jumpers to dressage to reining horses.  She continues to learn from the best horsemen in a variety of disciplines to become a well-rounded horseman herself. Her program emphasizes flat work and gymnastics. Kendall has piloted many young horses through the show rings, and has had an incredible amount of success in the rated hunters on OTTBs. 

"I used to think it was normal to load up a trailer and head to a horse show and say, well this horse doesn't load well, this one doesn't tie, this one needs to be galloped around the arena 20 times to get her tired, this one can only do jumpers because she's hot, and that one is a professional ride because he's too strong. Then I went back to basics and taught my show horses how to be good citizens. My horses load, they tie, anyone can ride them after I've worked with them, and they win. Not only are the pleasant to show, but they are pleasant to be around. My program gets the horse's mind so that they look to their rider for guidance in every situation. I don't have to lunge my horses to death or shoot them up with drugs to make them controllable because they are on my team with ALL their athleticism and brilliance" 

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